data privacy policy

We do not sell, share, or allow any person outside of our staff access to any personal information that you may have on your computer. We may make backups of your data on your computer during some computer repairs. We hold copies of data for no longer than 30 days after the completion of the service. All data we handle is stored on machines with passwords. All personal data is kept with extreme security and we will *never allow outside companies or persons to access or view your data. Once the data is deleted from our system, it will become impossible for your data to be accessed again.

Data from used computers traded in to us or bought by us will be transferred to a secure computer and held for thirty days after the date it was turned in. If you need any data that you have forgotten we will need the person that turned the computer in to come in with a photo ID and a storage device before we will release any data. After thirty days the data is deleted and is not recoverable. Hard-drives from used machines will be removed and destroyed; all used computers we sell have zeroed(wiped) hard drives with no personal data.

*We respect our clients privacy, the only time we will break privacy of data to comply with local, state, or federal law enforcement. If you need special Data Protection requirements please notify us.